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COCO 6035 RE Bidet Toilet Seat

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Upgrade your existing toilet with a COCO Bidet toilet seat. Or if you are considering a new toilet, make it more elegant and functional by adding a COCO bidet. The toilet is not just a toilet anymore with the addition of a COCO bidet. More and more people want to bring a Zen like atmosphere to their bathroom. Toilet paper is primitive compared to the comfort and technology that the COCO bidet brings to the table.
Join the millions who are now realizing the many benefits of the COCO bidet. Product Demo

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Although the COCO bidet is very elegant in design, what is more impressive is its technology. We used the best materials available so that the COCO bidet would last for years to come. The COCO bidet is made of a patented antibacterial composite to help prevent bacteria.

Our primary concern when developing the COCO bidet toilet seat is your comfort and hygiene. The COCO redefines the meaning of state of the art. The COCO bidet boasts some of the best technology that is available at an affordable price.

The COCO bidet is easy to install and maintain and can fit virtually any toilet. The COCO bidet comes with a full one year warranty and 3 year limited warranty.

The COCO 6035R improves the appearance of any bathroom. You use the bathroom 365 days per year. You owe it to yourself to experience a whole new level of clean and comfort. Experience the difference.

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